This is how the papers reacted to Baroness Warsi's exit

This is how the papers reacted to Baroness Warsi's exit

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigned as a Foreign Office minister yesterday over the government's response to the conflict in Gaza.

It is thought to be the first such resignation of its kind and was extensively covered in today's newspapers.

Some questioned her motives, others backed her principled stand - while the Mail plumped for this:

The Telegraph was similarly scornful, leading with this light-hearted but somewhat impudent cartoon:

With the paper's editorial developing the question of her true motives:

After a cursory assessment of the UK’s policy in the Middle East, her resignation letter widened into a critique of the recent Cabinet reshuffle, implying that she had deeper domestic political grievances that found an outlet in her unhappiness with the misery inflicted upon the people of Gaza

However, the Sun and the Times were, perhaps surprisingly, supportive of the her actions:
Following that line, the Mirror posted this small bio:

Meanwhile, the Guardian and our sister title, The Independent, assessed the wider consequences for David Cameron's government:

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