This is the easiest way to get rid of bad breath - according to a dentist

Picture: Leslie Achtymichuk/istock
Picture: Leslie Achtymichuk/istock

There are few things more eye-wateringly difficult than talking to someone with dog breath.

What if you’re one of the offending mouths and you've tried really hard - brought mouth wash to work with you so you can stay fresh - and still your breath smells awful?

We're here to help.

Business Insider got together with dentist Dr Ada Cooper to get her advice about what could be causing persistent bad breath:

Don’t think that living a life of mouth wash four times a day is always going to cure your bad breath.


Here's some tips that may help instead:

1. Brush your teeth after eating

If you don’t thoroughly brush and floss your teeth after eating, the food will sit on your tongue and around your mouth. As time goes by, the food is degraded by bacteria, causing the odours that come out of your mouth.

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2. Brush your teeth at night

All the bacteria you've accumulated throughout the day will marinate in your mouth overnight.

Can you imagine the stench in the morning? That's why they call it morning breath.

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3. Brush your tongue

Bacteria doesn't just accumulate on your teeth - it's also on your tongue, in particular the back surface.

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4. Keep yourself hydrated

A dry mouth can also cause bad breath, in addition to certain substances, like coffee, alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

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If you've religiously tried all these methods and still the awful stench remains, you may have an underlying health issue that you should see your GP about.

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