This is the European Union's refugee redistribution plan

EU interior ministers voted on Tuesday to redistribute 120,000 refugees from Italy, Greece and Hungary to other EU member states.

Graphic via Statista

The UK is not included in this as it has an opt out, but all other member states are expected to comply with the mandatory quotas.

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania all voted against the quotas, while Finland abstained.

Slovakian Prime Minister has responded by saying “migrant quotas will not be implemented in Slovakia” and a Czech MEP said on national TV that the vote would have “fatal consequences” for the EU in the Czech Republic.

Germany, France and Spain were given the largest quotas by the European Commission.

Last week the UNHCR called on EU member nations to change their course on the refugee crisis.

António Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said:

UNHCR reiterates its call on the the Hungarian authorities to ensure unimpeded access for people in need of protection in line with its legal and moral obligations.

States should manage their borders in a way that is consistent with International and EU Law, including guaranteeing the right to seek asylum.

It is not a crime to cross a border to seek asylum.

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