This is the university where students spend the most on sex toys

This is the university where students spend the most on sex toys

Millions of pounds are spent on sex toys across the world but who are they actually going to?

With all the stress of university life, some of them are definitely going to students.

Research conducted by lingerie brand Ann Summers looked at which students were spending the most on sex toys, bondage and lingerie.

The answer, with students spending a massive £11,266 on sex toys in 2017, is the University of Oxford. They spent more on sex toys than any other university.

Yes, it appears students attending the countries' best university, also have voracious sexual appetites. Coming in at close second is the University of Cambridge, with students spending £9,410.

Here are the top 20 universities where students spend the most on sex toys:

1. University of Oxford (£11,266)

2. University of Cambridge (£9,410)

3. University of Leeds (£8,633)

4. University of Manchester (£8549)

5. University of Liverpool (£7,128)

6. Aberystwyth University (£6,867)

7. University of Southampton (£6,733)

8. Lancaster University (£6,667)

9. University of Durham (£6,653)

10. University of York (£6,615)

11. Cardiff University (£6,278)

12. University of Sussex (£6,059)

13. University of Kent (£5,970)

14. University of Sheffield (£5,928)

15. University of East Anglia (£5,515)

16. Oxford Brookes University (£5,242)

17. Swansea University (£5,910)

18. University of Nottingham (£4,897)

19. Surrey University (£4,830)

20. University of Hertfordshire (£4,791)

An analysis of the data adds that the most popular time to purchase them is 11pm at night.


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