This is what happens if you touch a member of the Queen's Guard

Tempting as it might be, don't make fun of the funny looking soldiers in the Queen's Guard with their big hats and red coats. You might end up looking at the wrong end of a gun.

They might seem harmless, what with their fuzzy hats and quirky traditions, but as one Windsor Castle tourist recently found out, they're still big men with rifles.

The gentleman in question thought he'd mimic a guardsman's walk and at one point reaches out to touch him on the shoulder.

The grinning fool got a bit of a shock when the guard screamed "Step back from the Queen's Guard!" and thrust his rather-deadly gun complete with rather-pointy bayonet in his face.

The Ministry of Defence said the guard's reaction in the situation was "appropriate" and no further action will be taken. Earlier this month another touchy guardsman steamrollered into a bystander. Consider yourself warned.

Watch the video below:

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