This is what supermarkets the public think major politicians are

Aldi or Waitrose: which supermarket suits which politician best?

An entertaining afterthought to Lord Ashcroft’s latest national poll was the election-deciding question: if each of the party leaders were a supermarket, which one would they be?

According to Ashcroft's focus groups Nigel Farage personifies German chain Aldi, because "you know what you’re getting... anyone can shop there".

Nick Clegg would be the Co-op, with “all its nice fair trade values". David Cameron inevitably was described as Waitrose, but apparently the focus groups thought he would try and connect with the electorate by pretending to be Sainsbury’s.

Conversely, the groups felt that Ed Miliband would do his shopping at Waitrose but use his "Lidl bag-for-life to carry round afterwards".

Every little helps.

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