Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images
Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

Labour's Sadiq Khan was announced as the newly elected Mayor of London in the early hours of Friday morning, defeating Zac Goldmsith of the Conservatives by 13 per cent of the vote.

Khan praised the result and referenced the negative tactics employed by Goldsmith's campaign, which have been widely criticised for seeking to exploit anti-Muslim sentiment.

I am so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear.

Khan is the third Mayor of London in the history of the office, following in the footsteps of Boris Johnson and that man on Sky News talking about Hitler and Zionism.

A letter, tweeted by 19-year-old Labour activist Ido Vock, has been retweeted hundreds of times following Goldsmith's election defeat, for reasons obvious when read:

After a lot of 'hahahahahahas', Ido wrote:

P.S. I joined the Labour party this week because of your racist, dog-whistle campaign, despite their own well-documented issues with racism. Here's to hoping me and my party can help inflict many more humiliating defeats on your party.

indy100 asked Ido what he thought about the victory for the Khan campaign and Labour:

I am overjoyed. I joined Labour and doorstepped for the first time in my life because I was appalled at the racism of the Tory campaign and I wanted to play my part in making sure that London did not endorse it, so I'm very happy that it didn't.

The Tories are rightly castigating Labour on their antisemitism problem but two wrongs don't make a right - anti-Muslim racism is as wrong as antisemitism and both must be fought with vigour.

Ido said he thought that Khan's victory sent a message to the Conservatives about campaign strategy:

I hope it dissuades the Tories from running a campaign like that ever again, considering that Goldsmith has probably lost more badly than he would have running a bog standard campaign on the issues.

If Goldsmith had won it probably would have encouraged them to repeat those kinds of tactics in future elections, which is why I cared more than usual about elections for a glorified transport commissioner.

Let's hope the message is recieved.

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