This man is upset because his wife and mistress won't get along

The phrase "have your cake and eat it" just got a whole new meaning.

A man is complaining that his wife and his mistress don't like each other.

In what is either a massive trolling or a genuine plea, one guy has entered the competition for most entitled man in America.

Two images, four sentences.

One woman in glasses, cropped hair, a white blouse and black skirt carrying a formidable handbag. Apparently the wife.

The other posing on a beach in a bikini.

The magic words:

These two better learn to get along. I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires.

And then the killer line:

Why have a cake & can't eat it?? I want multiple cakes!!

Maybe it's a secret message to his wife that he misses both sides of her exciting personality.

Or maybe not.

I'm not a regular guy.

...he continues.

They both remember how life was before me. I'm sure they don't want to go back to eating leftover taco meat and soup.

And a friend suggests, with epic patience:

Now Lonnie you know I love you homie but you shouldn't do Tammy like this with this post. You two seemed to be back on a good track. She's your wife and the mother of your children so out of respect for your boys and your wife that I know you love in spite of all the foolishness.... I think you should take the post down.

We at indy100 can think of other ways to put it, but yeah, let's stick with that.

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