A couple received an unexpected and horrifying visit from "Ronald Reagan" on New Year’s Eve, when a naked man wearing the mask of the former president climbed onto their porch.

The man was naked except for the mask and a sock covering his genitals, running off when spotted by Bart Yancey, of Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

Yancey’s wife, Danielle, posted the original video to Facebook on New Year’s Day, writing:

Please be careful tonight, be aware of your surroundings and lock your doors!! Stay safe! I hope this does not happen to any of you.

The reason the nude boy ducked down and ran is because he saw my husband walking by the window.

My husband saw him and immediately tried to go out to catch him. If by chance you know who did this, please pass along the information!

Regarding the mask, Danielle said:

It was either Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon. It covered his whole head.

Warning: The below video is a little unnerving:

Vestavia Hills police responded to the scene but weren’t able to find the man in question, AL.com reported.

Vestavia Hills police Lt. Kevin York said they had received another call at around 11pm, regarding a teenager naked in public elsewhere in the neighbourhood.

Danielle said:

I know a lot of people are laughing about it and, honestly, I got a chuckle from it later, but at the same time, it's very concerning.

I don't know what he was planning on doing.

It's unclear what the intruder's motive was.

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