Maggie Serota is the managing editor of the Death and Taxes culture website.

In the past few days she documented how a message she received on her OkCupid profile was so creepy, that it caused her to deactivate her entire account.

What made it especially disturbing, was that the man, from Sweden, had seen her make a reference to OkCupid on her Twitter profile, seemingly read the entire feed and then searched for her online before eventually finding her on the dating site.

He made reference to her name and her cats' names, despite none of this information being on her OkCupid profile.

Serota messaged the man to say she found his behaviour creepy, and there was time for him to reply before she deactivated her account.

"Good luck finding a normal guy to date," was his response.

Serota told Mic that she had been contacted by other women who had similar experiences on dating sites.

"There is some perverse humour in the audacity of the messages," she told them. "Like, men deserve to be mocked for thinking these things are okay to send to a stranger."

HT: Mic

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