The 14 most terrifying mascots of all time

The 14 most terrifying mascots of all time

Scottish football club Partick Thistle unveiled their new mascot "Kingsley" to the world on Monday to a mix of bewilderment, derision and outright fear.

But British sports clubs aren't the only ones, our research shows the US also has a particular penchant for creating absolutely terrifying mascots.

Here are some of the world's worst:

1. WuShock, Wichita State

2. Sammy the Shrimp, Southend United

3. King Cake Baby, New Orleans Pelicans

Not the official mascot of the Pelicans, but the baby is pulled out annually for Mardi Gras celebrations.

Because their official mascot is not terrifying at all...

4. Pierre, New Orleans Pelicans

5. Crazy Crab, San Francisco Giants

Sadly pulled after just one season in 1984.

6. Jack Box

Ok, so not strictly a sports mascot, but the Jack in the Box restaurant chain's talisman sure is creepy.

7. Big Red, Western Kentucky

8. Purdue Pete, Purdue Boilermakers

Pete is dead behind the eyes.

9. Saluki, Southern Illinois

10. The Friar, Providence College

11. Testudo, Maryland Terrapins

12. Mascotte Expo 2015, Milan

The official mascot of the Milan fruit and veg fair made an appearance at Javier Zanetti's testimonial in May.

13. Bazi, Bayern Munich

Now retired in favour of a much more cuddly bear.

14. Fin the Whale, Vancouver Canucks

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