There's something hilariously wrong with this Ukip election leaflet

There's something hilariously wrong with this Ukip election leaflet

Latest polls indicate that Ukip's plan to win several local seats in Wales next month are fast becoming a pipe dream, and judging by the state of their efforts to attract voters, we can't say we're entirely surprised.

It was noticed this week that the anti-EU party's candidate for the Rhondda, Stephen Clee, managed to send out campaigning leaflets around the area which manages to spell 'Rhondda' wrong:

Despite being from Penrhiwfer. Which is in the Rhondda.

It's safe to say no one was impressed - in particular, local MP Chris Bryant, who pointed out "the Ukip candidate can’t spell the name of the constituency he’s standing in.”

It might be forgivable if it was the first slip-up, but of course, this is Ukip we're talking about, so, of course, it isn't.

In the general election last year Ukip's parlimentary candidate for the seat, Ron Hughes, also misspelt the name of the area as "Rhonnda".

Earlier this month, Ukip's website also said that their candidates would be standing in 'Alan and Deeside' rather than 'Alyn and Deeside' and 'Arvon' rather than 'Arfon'.

Ahead of the February party conference in Llandudno, Ukip also managed to misspell 'Welcome to Wales' as 'Welcome the Wales':

And when Ukip launched their Wales website in 2013, the party called themselves 'Plaid Annibyniaeth y Du', which means the 'Black Independence party', rather than DU, which stands for Y Deyrnas Unedig (United Kingdom).

A spokesperson for Ukip told WalesOnline:

We’ve seen Labour send out a leaflet with completely the wrong election date on it and we’ve now committed a typo crime.

Perhaps instead of hustings we should have spelling bees and touch type competitions.


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