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Twitter user Jessica Bain proved that sometimes thinking outside the box is the best way to land your dream job.

Bain, @BainBoozled on Twitter, went above and beyond when she applied to the Black History and Culture Fellowship with Spotify.

Instead of just sending the usual cover letter and CV, she decided to create her very own Spotify playlist and accompanying website to explain why she is the perfect candidate.

Announcing the project on Twitter, she wrote:

She then shared her awesome playlist, which includes work by Beyonce, Alvin Ailey and Michael Jackson:

Alongside the carefully chosen track list was an explanation for why she'd chosen the songs.

Black history is happening now and it’s everything to me, which is why I’m applying to the Shows and Editorial, Black History & Culture Fellowship.

The story also has a happy ending.

Many Twitter users were quick to express their congratulations:

One of her new colleagues even welcomed her onboard:

Congratulations on the new job, Jessica!

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