Meet the woman with the ‘best job on the planet’

YouTube / Sorelle Amore

Everyone know there just aren't enough jobs about - particularly those that involve travelling, luxury resorts and tonnes of money.

But that dream came true for photography and travel lover Sorelle Amore. Quite literally.

Early in 2017, Amore wrote a far-fetched wish in her diary:

Travel to 12 countries in 2017 and get paid to do it.

It is quite the stretch from most of our wishes for the New Year - you know, exercise more, earn more and eat less crisps - but, unlike most of us, the 28-year-old actually got hers done.

It all started when her brother sent her a job offer alluringly entitled 'Best Job On The Planet' from luxury property and travel company Third Home.

The advert says you can "travel the world, while staying in multi-million dollar luxury vacation homes" for $10,000 a month over three months.

And you thought your company's in-house gym was good.


No wonder 17,000 people applied. And, after only hearing about the competition a day before the deadline, Amore was one of them.

Finally, the applicants were whittled down to a shortlist of 15 and she was voted as the winner by the public.

The Australian said:

The next three months I would be living the life of a rock star.

The dream life.

The life you think can't actually truly exist.

But it did and I was living it. 

She boasts 13 weeks of travelling, 15 countries visited - from Scotland to the Bahamas - and over 265 hours of transit in 28 planes (although that bit doesn't sound so good).

Learn more in Amore's video:

Amore's Instagram is predictably flawless.

If you're torn between being happy for her and suffering extreme, all-encompassing jealousy, it doesn't mean you're a bad person.

It just means you're a person.

But not all of it has been absolute perfection.

Here, Amore sports a plaster on her knee... because of a crash on her scooter in Bali.

Our heart bleeds.


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