This woman's son told her he wasn't voting and she Freaked. Out.

This woman's son told her he wasn't voting and she Freaked. Out.

The US presidential elections are gearing up to be one of the most divisive in America's history.

An ABC News/Washington Post released on Sunday shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by a sliver - at 46 per cent.

With how close the polls are getting, Kenny Okwara’s mum, ChiChi decided that Hillary Clinton needed all the votes she could get.

Especially that of her son's.

On Saturday Okwara tweeted a video in which his mum insists he take a picture at the polling booth so she can confirm that he voted for Clinton.

I have to see who you voted for. If you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, no for real I’m serious … there’s gonna be a little problem in this house.

Okwara tells his mum he doesn’t plan to vote in the upcoming elections.

It did not go down well…

I’ll seize your phone. I’ll seize the car. No I am serious, Ok?

No, there’s no ‘no vote’ option. You are so stupid! You have to carry out your civic duties of being American. OK?

Don’t act like a moron. This is the kind of thing you do, and people say you’re on drugs, you’re a moron.

Do not vote for the stupid man who doesn’t even know there is Aleppo; there is a Syrian war going on. You’re just going to be as dumb as that man [if you don’t vote]. 

Okwara is, in fact, voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming elections.

He just wanted to tease his mum a little.

The video's been shared almost 60,000 times, turning his mum into a symbol of the US elections.

Picture: xxxjayglow/Twitter/screengrab

Has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

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