Those shocking Ed Miliband debate notes in full

Those shocking Ed Miliband debate notes in full

The Sun on Sunday today leads on it acquiring the notes Ed Miliband used to prepare for last week's leaders' debate.

The Labour leader apparently left the 10-page crib-sheet in his ITV dressing room, and, as the Sun on Sunday reports, it exposes his 'secret robo plot'. Or something like that.

The handwritten notes include these words:

Happy warrior

Calm never agitated

Negative -> positive

Another page includes the notes:

Relish The Chance To Show Who I Am




The phrase 'happy warrior' has been described as a motivational quote, but it's actually from a William Wordsworth poem, while Barack Obama also used the phrase to describe vice-president Joe Biden in 2012.

More to the point, what's exactly so bad about preparing for a debate?

A Labour spokesperson said: "These notes will come as no surprise to anybody who saw the debate.

"They explain why and how Ed took on David Cameron over the NHS and living standards.

"They also show how Ed set out a positive vision for the future with Labour's better plan, including on zero-hours contracts, lower tuition fees and rents."

Source: Sun Nation

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