Three minutes that show how 2014 was as sexist as hell

This video gives a glimpse into just how sexist our media was in 2014 - and watching it will get you really, really angry in less than three minutes.

From feminist video games critic Anita Sarkeesian being made to cancel an appearance at Utah university after terror threats, to a CNN host offering a woman who alleges she was forced to give Bill Cosby a blow job tips on how "not to perform oral sex", it is a neat round up of all the gendered idiocy the world had to endure last year.

The film doesn't just focus on women either, and despite being American cites examples familiar to most Britons.

The video was made by The Representation Project, the organisation behind the award winning film Miss Representation.

The positive side to all this? Things are getting better. The Representation Project's video of how the media failed women in 2013 was even more infuriating.

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