People think 'witches' on TikTok have 'hexed' the moon

People think 'witches' on TikTok have 'hexed' the moon

In case 2020 wasn't weird enough, so-called "baby witches" on TikTok have caused a huge stir online, leaving people convinced that they have managed to somehow “hex” the moon.

You would think the moon, who minds her own business in the sky, would be left untouched by WitchTok, but that has not been the case. WitchTok is a subculture of witches on popular video sharing app TikTok, and they've somehow found themselves at the centre of online discourse.

So what happened?

A self-described witch on Twitter (yes, really) has gone viral by warning that a group of ‘baby witches’ (the inexperienced kind) on TikTok have been going around casting evil spells on the moon. They've apparently also been casting spells on mythical fairy-like creatures from European folklore, called the fae.

The Twitter user, called Jupiter, explained that the planet Jupiter is a source of energy and "fuel" for spells. This hex is also supposedly affecting the gods of the moon and sun, Artemis and Apollo. The user went on to say that having bad vibes for the moon is like harming yourself or spiking your own water supply.

The four amateur "witches" have been identified but, according to the Reddit user who discovered them, their identities are being kept secret to protect them from harassment. Allegedly, though, they are the “same four who tried to hex the Fae.”

If by any chance you are worried about the moon, have no fear! Elder witches have reassured us all on Twitter and TikTok that the big ball of cheese in the night sky would not have a felt a thing because its far too powerful to fall victim to a curse.

Let's take their word for it. @chaoticwitchaunt explained on TikTok:

The moon and sun probably didn’t feel a thing.The Gods will take care of it. They are not hurt, just annoyed. They also won’t take some kid’s stupidity out on the entire human race.”

Have we seen social media witches before?

The answer is yes! During the peak of the global Black Lives Matter Movement in June, the witches gather on TikTok under the #witchesforblm tag to help the fight against racial injustice and police brutality. That tag now has 31.8 million views on the app and is littered with clips of witches casting protection spells for Black lives and their allies protesting in support.

Similarity Lana Del Rey, back in 2017, announced she was joining cyber witches on Tumblr who were coming together to cast a negative spell on US President Donald Trump because they did not like him as commander-in-chief. But there's doubts over their effectiveness, given Trump’s presidency is still very much happening and he's even working on winning a second term. So there’s that.

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