TikTok user explains why her and her husband got a divorce
TikTok user explains why her and her husband got a divorce

Some relationships aren’t meant to last. One TikTok user is going viral for sharing the reason behind why her marriage didn’t work out - a questionable Facebook post with a clue that her husband was up to no good.

When her husband posted a photo with a bunch of women at a nightclub, Tylar Paige noticed he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

That’s usually a red flag. Worse - his excuse was pathetic.

Taken by a nightclub photographer, the photo was posted to the venue’s Facebook page.

“He’s not wearing his wedding ring. So I ask him about it,” Paige says in the video, which has garnered over 2 million views.

“He tells me that they Photoshopped his ring off.”

“They Photoshopped his ring off? Oh, sure they did. We’re divorced,” she added.

After users demanded more details from Paige, she eventually posted an additional video explaining the ordeal further.

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“After realising he was married to a Photoshop expert, and no nightclub photographer is going to take all that time to Photoshop his ring off, he changes his story,” Paige said in the follow-up video. “He tells me that he must have taken his ring off when he washed his hands, and forgot to put it back on. Huh, what a convenient time to forget to put your ring back on.”

Although the video was posted in 2020, it has since regained attention, with users sharing their similar stories.

“Oh my ex husband’s ring fell off in his Instagram stories from work but somehow he found it and put it back on every day before he walked in the door,” one said.

“My ex was on a dating site… his excuse was it was an old profile and dating sites make the accounts of hot people look active to get more people,” added another.

You can watch the full video here.

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