Tim Pool appears to produce the lamest school shooting solution yet

Tim Pool appears to produce the lamest school shooting solution yet
Texas school shooting: NBA coach condemns gun violence

After the horrific mass shooting at a primary school in Texas, people have taken to social media to share their outrage, sadness and fear following the incident.

21 people, 19 of them children, were killed by an 18-year-old gunman at Robb Elementary School, in the south Texas city of Uvalde.

Much of the commentary that is emerging has discussed how to put a stop to such tragedies and people have offered up their solutions – not all of them well thought through.

Tim Pool, the YouTuber, political commentator and podcast host, appeared to have produced possibly one of the most short-sighted takes on how to end school shootings.

In a tweet just a day after the shootings, Pool suggested: “homeschool your kids.”

Rather unsurprisingly, his tweet has faced a lot of criticism for appearing to focus on the wrong thing.


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One Twitter user replied: “Yeah, because kids have never been killed in malls, movie theaters, parks, grocery stores, restaurants, subways, cars, bowling alleys, Walmarts, churches.

“I could go on but you get the point. Maybe.”

Another said: “Ahh yes it’s the schools that are the issue not the guns.”

Someone else commented: “Literally out here doing the ‘only effective solution to school shootings is to end schools’ idiotic take. F**king baboon.”

“This is unfortunately the most serious right wing solution to not having your children shot dead,” another Twitter user responded.

Another person asked: “Can we ever stop trying to shift everything to individuals, when we are dealing with societal-level issues in this country or???”

Pool later tweeted claiming he "made no argument on solving school school shootings" with his homeschooling tweet. He added: "I have tweeted homeschool your kids several times. The media is the virus."

In contrast to Pool’s suggestion, NBA coach Steve Kerr has been widely praised for his emotional and impassioned plea to senators to take action on gun control.

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