Titanic turns 20 this year. Yes, 20!

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This cinematic masterpiece (we're prepared to kick off over resistance to that statement) has many fine moments.

Like when Jack taught Rose how to fly.

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And their really steamy sex scene.

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Let's not mention when she fails to help him on to that raft which was clearly big enough for the both of them.

Poor show, Rose.

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Despite all these incredible moments did you ever wonder if this perfect film could have been made just that little bit better?

The answer is yes!

BuzzFeedwriter Chris Pena has managed to uncover a deleted scene from the Oscar winning epic which would have really put the cherry on top of the iceberg, sorry, cake.

The scene involves the survivors of the Titanic disaster being helped aboard the rescue ship the Carpathia.

A short version of the scene was included in the film but the extended version reveals so much which would have made a real lasting impression on viewers.

In it we see the guilt etched across the face of Joseph Bruce Ismay, a high ranking official in the company who owned the Titanic, who was largely labelled as coward after the event.

Elsewhere we saw Rose board the ship whilst her mother frantically searches for her.

We also get a brief glimpse at the adopted daughter of Rose's fiancee Cal, who viewers never learned the fate of in the final cut.

You can view the scene below and judge whether it would have improved the film or not.

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