Why is today's Google Doodle about the accordion?

Why is today's Google Doodle about the accordion?
Why is today's Google Doodle about the accordion?
Why is today's Google Doodle about the accordion?

If you go to the Google homepage today (Thursday, May 23), you'll come across the latest Google Doodle of a gif of an accordion being played with people in lederhosen merrily dancing away to its tune.

Although World Accordion Day is recognised on May 6 every year, the reason there's a Google Doodle celebrating it now is because May 23 1829 is the day an instrument with the name accordion was patented in Germany.

An accordion is a free-reed instrument with bellows that expands and contracts to create sound - free-reed means airflow vibrates reeds inside the accordion to create that sound.

According to Google, a variety of free-reed instruments with bellows were created in the early 1800s, such as the concertina, bandoneon and harmonium with the accordion being patented 195 years ago.

It was then commonly used among folk musicians before gaining more widespread popularity in other genres.

Google explains: "Throughout the late 1800s, manufacturers in Germany increased accordion production due to its popularity among folk musicians across Europe.

"Early accordions had buttons on just one side and each of these buttons created the sound of an entire chord.

"Another impressive feature is that the same button could produce two chords - one when the bellows were expanding and another when the bellows were contracting."

When Europeans emigrated around the world, they took their music with them, including the accordion, and that's when its use in other genres started to expand.

"Today the instrument can be heard in folk music, the Latino polka, the tango, cajun music, and more!" says Google.

"One event the accordion is always present at is Oktoberfest. This lively festival is full of carnival fun, music, and traditional clothing like Dirndl dresses and lederhosen."

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