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A toddler has been accidentally been sent a 'happy birthday loser' cake after a mix-up, and the results are hilarious.

Mum Melin Jones posted a photograph of the very disappointed toddler with the cake to her Facebook account, along with the caption:

Some of my family & friends know about the cake mess up we had with Liz’s 2nd birthday cake but I recently posted it in a Facebook group I’m in (Sad Sales, Stolen Goods, and Sketchy Services )and had a lot of people ask me to post it to my public profile so they could share  it - so here’s the story !

September 7th, sometime in the afternoon I had went to Wal-Mart in Desloge to get things for Liz’s birthday party, which we were having that next day.

We hadn’t ordered a cake or anything days a head like one should /would normally so I swung by the bakery and picked out one that was already made, and asked the lady behind the counter if she would write “Happy Birthday Lizard.”

Lizard is our nickname for Liz. She said yes and within a few minutes she handed it back.

She didn’t ask me how it looked and I didn’t check .

Remember, I’m in a hurry here as it’s the day before her birthday party and I’m just now picking the cake out and getting everything else.

Little did I know life lessons were about to be had! We get home, I’m unloading the car and quickly glance down at the cake and noticed that the worker wrote Loser , not Lizard . At first I was a little shocked and speechless but quickly started dying laughing.

I hurried and carried the cake and Liz into the house, put the cake down on the table and put Liz in the chair to send a picture to my husband of the cake .

Liz wasn’t told to look at the cake, she can’t read so she didn’t know what the cake said, we didn’t tell her what it said and she doesn’t even know what a loser is. She just happen to be looking at the cake when I took the photo.

My husband and I laughed about it together when he got home, enjoyed every bit of the loser cake (eat up , mom of the year ! you deserve it !) and later that evening I made another trip to Wal-Mart for another cake for her party.

I never brought it to the bakery’s attention because had I took the time to just look at the cake when she handed it to me I would have never walked out the door with it and also , I didn’t want her to get into any type of trouble or be mocked by her coworkers for writing loser on a child’s birthday cake .

It was a simple misunderstanding and I didn’t want her to get any backlash from it . 

This is a funny story , it’s ok to laugh . Lizard got a new cake, the idiot that couldn’t be bothered to take a few mins to stop and check it also got a cake.

 I promise you my now almost 3 year old didn’t have a clue what happen. She’ll go on to live a somewhat normal life..... as long as someone else starts picking out her birthday cakes.

Of course, Liz, the little girl in the photograph, who was two at the time of the photograph, didn't know what it said, and Melin her mum commented to the Mirror that:

our 2 year old child wouldn't know what a loser is.

The cake fiasco actually occurred in 2018, Melin explained to Fox News, and the hilarious photograph was originally shared on the Facebook group called 'Sad Sales'.

However, Jones was both the loser and the winner in the situation, as she bought her daughter a new cake, and kept the 'loser' cake for herself. Speaking to People magazine, she said:

I ate every bit of that loser cake.

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