Expert reveals why covering a toilet seat in paper isn't actually that healthy at all

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Although it is often unavoidable, the thought of using a public toilet is enough to give some people sleepless nights.

For some people, one of the ways of getting around this potential exposure to god knows how many germs, is to line the seat with toilet paper.

However, an expert has stated that doing this might not be the best idea as you could be putting yourself at risk to even more bacteria.

You're probably asking 'How is this possible?' Surely paper can't possibly carry as many germs as a dirty toilet seat?

Well, according to Dr Philip Tierno, the way toilet seats are designed means that they can repel bacteria, which is something that toilet paper doesn't do.

Speaking to Self, Tierno declared that STDs are rarely ever found on a toilet seat and as long as you aren't exposing yourself to another person's bodily fluids you'll be fine.

He is quoted as saying:

In fact, the top of a toilet seat is much cleaner than most people's kitchen sinks.

If you have lesions or abrasions, any type of open skin, you can pick up something like a staph infection.

So why is toilet paper so bad for you?

Studies have shown that every time you flush a toilet, faecal bacteria can make it's way into the air, in a process known as aerolisation.

This could mean that the bacteria lands on the toilet paper thus exposing yourself to more germs than what you originally would have.

You can avoid this at home by flushing with the seat down but you can dictate how others choose to flush a toilet in public.

However, you can take some solace in the fact that you have probably gone most of your life without getting ill from toilet paper, so there is no reason to start getting worried.

If you are still a little paranoid, Tierno does offer a few small pieces of advice; wash your hands.

No matter how contaminated your hands are, as long as you wash them properly—for 20 seconds, with soap, and getting under the nail bed—you’re fine,

[Clean] the towel dispenser, door knob, all of that is contaminated grossly. If you go somewhere that looks really dirty, don’t use it.

All sounds like common sense to us and although it might all be a bit of a waste of time, at least you germophobes can sleep a little easier at night knowing that toilet seats are clean.

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