A-list actor Tom Cruise was spotted in Birmingham, UK this weekend enjoying a curry (or two).

It’s not the first time the Hollywood actor has been spotted around the UK this year, and this weekend, while on break from filming Mission: Impossible 7, he went to one of the city’s curry houses.

Cruise visited Asha’s, a Michelin-star restaurant, on Saturday 21 August where he reportedly ate two chicken tikka masalas for himself.

Speaking to local paper Birmingham Live, the restaurant owner, Nouman Farouqi, said: “When he came he said he didn’t want any fuss and just wanted to be part of the atmosphere.

“He wanted a meal just like any other guest and simply wanted to enjoy an authentic Indian meal.

“A few diners recognised him but not all. Nobody made a fuss, though when he left people went a little bit crazy.

“He agreed to have his picture taken outside in a socially-distanced way and had his mask on for the first picture.

“He then took his mask off and said: ‘Take another one’.”

While the staff at Asha’s were delighted to host the star, some online couldn’t help but poke fun at his double order.

One person joked: “The waiter probably didn’t hear him the first time…”

Another said: “When Tom Cruise does it it’s news, but when i do it i’m ‘embarrassing myself’ and ‘bringing shame on my family’.”

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