We regret to inform you that Tom Hanks’ son Chet is doing that weird (and pretty problematic) “Caribbean accent” again.

After causing confusion earlier this year at the Golden Globes with a viral video in what appeared to be a “Jamaican” or “Caribbean” accent, Chet posted a video about the election result in the same accent following Joe Biden’s victory over Trump.

In the video, Chet poked fun at the idea that we should show Trump “respect” just because he was the president.

On social media, people were pretty divided about the accent and video.

Some thought it was hilarious, but others thought it was odd.

And some people called out the fact that he’s mimicking other Caribbean accents. Chet has previously slapped down accusations of "cultural appropriation" in his videos.

We know Trump loves Twitter, so maybe he's seen the video. We bet he could use the pick-me-up.

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