At the start of 2019, if we told you that throwing milkshakes and eggs at controversial politicians and activists was going to become a trend, you would have been well within your right not to believe us.

Yet, within the first five months of the year, eggs and milkshakes are being used by protestors as a way of ridiculing members of the right-wing that they disapprove of.

The egg attacks began back in March when controversial Australian senator Fraser Anning had an egg broken on top of his head by a teenage boy following his comments about an 'increasing Muslim presence' following the Mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Then, less than a week ago, the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison was hit with an egg while he was campaigning for the country's general election.

The attacker, who struck in southern New South Wales last Tuesday, has since been charged with assault.

Then came the milkshakes. Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon, was the first to encounter a projectile shake when campaigning for the EU elections in Bury, Greater Manchester.

The previous encounter was just a glancing blow for Tommy but, just a day later, he felt the full wrath of the milkshake after a man poured one all over his head in Warrington, Cheshire.

Obviously fearing more milkshake based attacks on their leader, Robinson followers began to police his rallies after the above incident and no further milkshaking's of Robinson have been reported.

UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin was probably thanking his lucky stars after almost getting hit by a milkshake while campaigning for the EU elections in Truro, Cornwall.

However, just a few days, later Benjamin was thoroughly drenched in a shake after having the sweet, sweet beverage poured over his head by a protestor in Totnes, Devon. Police have since confirmed that that attacker has been arrested.

Bonus egging:

Jovanni Valle is far-right white nationalist in the United States who was literally smashed with a bag of eggs after making a homophobic speech in Union Square, New York City while wearing a swastika necklace.

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