Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images
Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

You know how members of far right political groups make a point of insisting how they're definitely not racist?

Well Tommy Robinson, previously of the English Defence League and now of Germany's Pegida, has just scored a particularly excruitiating own goal.

Robinson didn't hide his disappointment that Labour's Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London last week.

In a post on Sunday evening which looks like it was supposed to show that Khan's policies and ideas will change now he's been elected, Robinson tweeted a picture of Khan and his wife, lawyer Saadiya Ahmed, labelled 'before', next to a picture of Khan and a woman in a hijab sitting behind him, labelled 'after':

Only the woman in the 'after' picture isn't Ahmed - it's Sarah Joseph, one of Khan's campaigners.


Joseph accused the Pegida activist of "blind hatred":

Robinson has since deleted the erroneous tweet.

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