Tony Abbott almost literally can't do anything

Tony Abbott hasn't had the best time of things since becoming the prime minister of Australia 18 months ago.

He's been booed by 83,000 people in unison, caught out winking while listening to a female radio caller talking about working on a sex line to make ends meet, been forced to praise himself after giving Prince Philip a knighthood (really), and starred in some of the most awkward photos recently witnessed.

Well, now we can add to that list the fact that his mouth and hands seem to be being controlled by different people.

In an excruciating promo video for upcoming St Patrick's Day events posted by his Liberal Party, Abbott, who previously described the science behind climate change as "crap", says: "This is the one day of the year when it's good to be green. As you can see I've got my green tie on for the occasion."

If that wasn't patronising enough, he adds: "This is the love of life and good humour that the Irish have given Australia. Indeed, it's been said of us that the English made the laws, the Scots made the money, and the Irish made the songs."

You can watch the whole video below:

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