The internet is ripping into Topshop’s supposed 'plus' sizes


Topshop seems to have tried to be more size friendly, but it's too little too late for some.

In recent years the high street retailer has come under pressure to introduce clothing ranges that aren't just for people size 16 and smaller.

In 2017, Topshop began including a few pieces in larger sizes, without making much of a fanfare about it.

However, these new sizes still only go up to 18.

A whole one size up from their previous large.

According to Cosmo, even the items in the size 18 range are limited.

Approximately 13 per cent of the tops available from the namesake shop are available in 18, and only eight per cent of the dresses.

Needless to say, a lot of punters aren't too impressed.

Others were sceptical that 18 even meant 18, given the ever changing scale that seems to be used in most clothing retailers.

The opposite of vanity sizing, exclusivity sizing, is a thing.

Some were pleased Topshop had made the step in this direction.

indy100 has contacted Topshop for comment.

HT Cosmo

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