Tory councillor who shared joke comparing Asian people to dogs suspended

Pendle Council / Facebook

A former Conservative Mayor and current councillor has been suspended from the party after posting a joke on Facebook which compared Asian people to dogs.

The post shared by Rosemary Carroll, a Councillor for Pendle Borough Council suggested that benefits would be given to a dog who is "brown, stinks and has never worked a day in his life".

Carrolll, who was Mayor until last month claims to have shared the joke accidentally. However, she has been suspended from the local Conservative party and is under investigation.

The joke, which has since been deleted, has caused understandable outrage.

The Pendle Conservative's Facebook page shared a post saying they've taken the decision to "suspend Cllr Rosemary Carroll from the Conservative Party and the Pendle Conservative Council Group with immediate effect, pending an investigation."

It appears the councillor's Facebook page has disappeared since the event. She is now listed as an Independent on the the Pendle Borough Council website.

The Mirror reports it was sent screenshots of the post by a furious resident who called it "derogatory and racist".

Speaking to the Mirror, Caroll said:

I don't do Facebook much, I look at stuff, but it's very rare I do anything because I don't know how to do it.

If I've done something I've not done it deliberately, I've pressed a button or something I shouldn't have done.

When asked what she thought of the joke she said: "No comment really."

indy100 has reached out to Pendle Conservatives and Rosemary Caroll for comment.

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