Tory MP gets totally dismantled live on air for for claiming it is 'anti-British' to discuss slavery

Joanna Taylor
Thursday 12 November 2020 08:15

Journalist and commentator Dalia Gebrail expertly dismantled a Tory MP's claim that the National Trust is conforming to a "woke agenda" on live TV.

Gebrail defended the institution's decision to publish a report examining its properties's links to slavery and colonialism after it was accused of attempting to "rewrite our history". Speaking on BBC Politics, she said:

[You] said that history must not be sanitised or rewritten to suit snowflake preoccupations, but it seems to me that the only snowflakes here are the people wishing to sanitise and rewrite our histories [and who are] harassing the National Trust for doing historical research, and revealing some things about their sites that are interesting even though so people might find that uncomfortable. But that doesn't mean it's not worth knowing about.

She directed her comments to Ben Bradley, who was one of 28 Tory MPs to sign an open letter complaining that "British values " in institutions like the National Trust are being overrun with "cultural Marxist dogma".

The signatories also complained that the report "tarnished" Winston Churchill, whose former home of Chartwell is a NT property, for accurately pointing out his links to colonialism.

Gebrail was praised for taking Bradley to task on the Tories's "manufactured culture war".

Do we have nothing better to talk about than a National Trust report from two months ago and the lyrics of Rule, Britannia?

Bradley, meanwhile, was ridiculed for describing discussions about slavery and colonialism as "revisionism" and "anti-British rhetoric".

It isn't exactly revisionist to acknowledge that these things really happened.

The Nottinghamshire MP is no stranger to generating controversy.

Recently, he sparked an intense backlash for agreeing with a tweet that described free school meal vouchers as "£20 cash direct to a crack den and brothel".

He has also called the Black Lives Matter movement "divisive".

Perhaps, then, the Conservative Party could learn something from the "elitist bourgeois liberals" and their "woke agenda": namely, how not to do a TV interview.