Results of public vote to name Tower of London’s baby raven announced

Tower of London
Tower of London
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A baby raven at the Tower of London has been named Branwen following a public vote.

The winning name was announced as part of the tower’s reopening after its longest closure since the Second World War.

“The results are in! Our new baby raven’s name is … BRANWEN,” @TowerOfLondon tweeted on Wednesday.

“After the deity from Celtic mythology, whose name translates as Blessed Raven”, the tweet continued.

“Thanks to everyone who voted to #NameOurRaven!”

The public were given five names to choose from – Florence Matilda, Branwen, Bronte or Winifred – with each bearing historical significance.

The vote ran from May 4 to May 18.

Branwen’s arrival in March – to parents Huginn and Muninn – is good news for superstitious patriots.

The legend of the ravens says that if the birds leave the tower, the kingdom will fall, with King Charles II thought to be the first monarch to demand the protection of the birds.

Branwen will reside in London with her brother Edgar, who is named after writer Edgar Allan Poe, famous for his poem The Raven, taking the tower’s number of resident ravens to nine.

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