A transgender man has shared the incredibly emotional moment he first saw the results of his gender confirmation surgery.

The 22-year-old queer trans man from Australia – whose username is @capritran – shared the “very personal chest reveal moment” earlier this week.

In it, a medical professional unwraps the chest compression and bandages from the young man as he gets visibly emotional.

The young trans man is then asked:

Been waiting for this for a while?

He nods his head as he tries to fight back tears.

Sharing the video to Twitter, he tweeted:

At the time of writing, the video has almost 700,000 likes, just over 70,000 retweets and a whole host of supportive comments.

In a follow-up tweet, @capritran wrote:

And the supportive responses were plentiful:

He’s since gone on to address any haters who reached out to him after watching the video:

And just in case you thought the young trans man was letting the negativity get to him at all, he then posted a smiling selfie at home, writing he’s “never been happier”.

We have absolutely no choice but to stan.

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