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Donald Trump has taken an unusual approach to losing the presidential election and has not offered Joe Biden the type of dignity and decorum that has preceeded him in his role.

Rather than congratulating Biden and the Democrats on their win and conceding, Trump has declared himself the winner and has accused his opponents of electoral fraud, despite there being no evidence of any irregularities.

The Trump campaign has even set up a phone line for their supporters to report any instances of voter fraud that they have seen, which has since been inundated with prank calls.

Given all of this, it's probably worth taking a look back through the archive of Trump's many, many tweets to see if he has ever contradicted himself and guess what? He has.

In a tweet posted on 24 December 2016, not long after his election win over Hillary Clinton, Trump quoted Russian president Vladimir Putin's comments on Clinton and the Democrats calling for them to 'lose with dignity' and Trump agreed.

Given his recent behaviour, this tweet has begun to be circulated again just because of the president's sheer hypocrisy.

As a contrast here is how Joe Biden greeted Mike Pence when he handed over the role of vice president in November 2016.

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