There's another Trump Baby and it's coming for Independence Day

There's another Trump Baby and it's coming for Independence Day

Donald Trump has visited Britain twice since his inauguration and on both occasions he has been met by the surreal sight of a giant Trump Baby blimp soaring over Westminster.

Like the man whose bigoted rhetoric and Twitter tantrums it was designed to protest, the balloon is bright orange, clutching a smartphone and full of hot air.

Designed by artist Matt Bonner and first seen over London's Parliament Square in July 2018, the 20 foot blimp has subsequently been flown in Scotland, France, Argentina, Ireland and stateside in Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston. The inflatable is 6-metre (20 ft) tall and was made into a reality after a Crowdfunder campaign managed to raise £16,000 to contribute towards costs.

Now, the Trump Baby is due to a make his debut in the US capital, set aloft over Washington, DC, as the nation unites for picnics and fireworks to celebrate Independence Day on 4 July.

Code Pink, a grassroots feminist organisation, is awaiting approval from the National Park Service to fly the balloon in DC and is hoping to get as close to the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall as possible, where the president intends to deliver a patriotic speech.

Unlike the original, manufactured by Image Inflatables of Leicester, Code Pink's replica will be made in New Jersey.

The group's application could still be turned down but there is reason for optimism: in 2017, a giant chicken balloon with a golden mane not unlike the president's was given permission to take to the skies in the spirit of satire.

As the old adage goes, if you can't beat them, crowd fund

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