Trump is 'obsessed' with badgers and keeps asking if they are 'mean to people'

Trump is 'obsessed' with badgers and keeps asking if they are 'mean to people'

In news that we didn't expect to be reporting on today, Donald Trump is apparently obsessed with badgers and if they are 'mean to people?'

These revelations have emerged from a new book by Daily Beast journalist Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suesbsaeng who has penned Sinking in the Swamp: How Trump's Minions and Misfits Poisoned Washington.

A two-page passage from the book explains how, in the first few months of his presidency, Trump used to question his former chief of staff Reince Priebus about all sorts of stuff but especially badgers.

The pair write in the book:

'Are they mean to people?’ Trump at least twice asked Priebus in the opening months of his presidency. 'Or are they friendly creatures?’ The president would also ask if Priebus had any photos of badgers he could show him, and if Priebus could carefully explain to him how badgers ‘work’ exactly.

Trump would reportedly ask these pointless questions when Priebus was trying to explain important pieces of policy on foreign affairs and healthcare initiatives.

Trump would even go as far as to ask to see pictures of badgers and wanted to know if they had 'personalities,' what kind of food they liked and how aggressive they were.

Markay and Suebsaeng add:

An obviously enthralled president would stare at Priebus as the aide struggled for sufficiently placating answers, all the while trying to gently veer the conversation back to whether we were going to do a troop surge in Afghanistan or strip millions of Americans of healthcare coverage.

Trump's questioning of Priebus about the black and white critters is probably down to the fact that Wisconsin, Priebus's home state, is known as the badger state but that being said the president never specified which species of badger he was interested in.

This bizarre wildlife obsession of the president became a feature on Late Night with Seth Meyers, with the host saying:

Oh my god, Trump is obsessed with badgers. I have so many questions about this. First of all, Trump wants to know how badgers ‘work?’

What does he mean by work? Does he mean, do they have hearts that pump blood to the rest of their bodies or does he mean, do badgers have jobs?

Watch the full segment in the video below:

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