Trump Jr tried to call Michael Bloomberg a racist and got the most incredible response

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In recent days the Trump family has launched an all-out attack on Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg, after he was accused of racism.

This is due to a 2015 clip that emerged of Bloomberg defending stop and frisk techniques in minority neighbourhoods.

The hashtag #BloombergIsARacist began to trend and the audio clip was shared by Donald Trump Jr, who lambasted the Democrat.

Trump Jr probably wasn't expecting Bloomberg to reply to his tweet but he did get a rise out of Tim O'Brien, the senior adviser to Bloomberg who proceeded to tell the president's son about all of the blatantly racist things that his old man has said and done.

In a 20 tweet thread (yes, 20) O'Brien listed why the Trumps have virtually no credentials for calling someone out on racism and went into extensive lengths on Bloomberg's apology.

If that wasn't enough, Bloomberg has also taken aim at Trump, after the president called him a 'mass of dead energy', he will use his financial wealth to try and defeat Bernie Sanders to the Democratic nomination.

Bloomberg didn't care for this and in a quote tweet called Trump 'a carnival barking clown' and said that he has the resources to defeat him.

He then followed up that with a GIF from the movie Gladiator featuring the quote 'the time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end'.

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