Trump just slipped up and accidentally admitted that Biden was right about Afghan army

Trump just slipped up and accidentally admitted that Biden was right about Afghan army

In a very rare moment of aligning with anyone but himself, former President Donald Trump shared the same sentiments with President Joe Biden as he protested against the war in Afghanistan and how pointless it was to continue being there.

In conversation with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Trump said that Afghanistan is no longer fighting the Taliban because they are no longer being paid to do so.

He claimed that Afghan fighters had been conducting the groundwork for years only because the US paid them and provided them with the required weapons.

The US sought to teach them to fight the Taliban after they left, but according to Trump, they didn’t care after receiving no payment.

“So we were sort of bribing them to fight,” he said, accidentally agreeing with Biden.

These responses are very similar to Biden’s in his address to the country on Monday.

“We spent over $1 trillion over 20 years. We retrained and were equipped with modern equipment over 300,000 Afghan forces. And Afghan leaders have to come together,” Biden said.

He also urges to maintain the commitments made such as “resupplying forces with food and equipment and paying their salaries” as well as “close air support.

“But they have got to want to fight,” Biden continued.

Over the weekend, countless harrowing scenes of the Taliban regaining control of the country after the collapse of the Western-backed government were shared around the world.

This prompted many people to board flights out of Kabul airport and flee the country after president Ashraf Ghani evacuated. Now there is an immense amount of fear about the future of the regime that will be implemented.

Trump went on to discuss the brand new military equipment that was present in Afghanistan.

“We have billions and billions of dollars worth of New Black Hawk helicopters, brand new, that Russian now will be examining and so will China and so will everybody else... We have everything,” he continued.

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