Trump ridiculed for 'delusional' tweet about the stock market

Trump ridiculed for 'delusional' tweet about the stock market
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If you thought losing the election would stop Trump from triumphantly tweeting in all caps, you were very wrong.

His latest tweet has it all, from ending on an exclamation mark to inappropriate use of the word "big".

Trump's apparent delight with the strengthening of the stock market is ironic, though, given that he predicted it would crash if Biden was elected president.

Stocks leapt up yesterday in response to reports that a coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech could be up to 90 per cent effective. They had also already begun to improve globally because of the certainty provided by a president elect being named.

In short – Trump was wrong again, but doesn't want to admit it.

His "desperate" and "delusional" tweet was widely ridiculed.

People also pointed out that Trump shouldn't take any credit for the development of a coronavirus vaccine, given that Pfizer have reportedly distanced themselves from him.

Although Trump has celebrated the vaccine news, he has refused to even acknowledge the election's outcome.

His Twitter meltdowns are coming across more and more bizarre as he refuses to accept the reality of the world we are all actually living in.

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