The difference between Trump and Biden in just five seconds

The difference between Trump and Biden in just five seconds

This weekend has seen seven of the most influential world leaders on the planet gather in Cornwall, England for the 2021 G7 Summit.

The heads of government from the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, USA, as well as representatives from the EU and UN have gathered on Britain’s south coast to discuss the biggest topics of the day including the pandemic, economics and the climate crisis.

For the first time, Joe Biden is attending the summit as the president of the United States and has already brought an air of dignity and respect to the event unlike his predecessor in the White House.

Trump’s usual demeanour and conduct around other world leaders, was not what we have come to expect from a POTUS. The most egregious example being at the 2017 Nato summit when he physically shoved the then prime minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic out of the way so he could be at the front and centre of his contemporaries.

In comparison, as this video from The Recount, shows Biden has been far more affable to his fellow leaders and was even pictured arm in arm with French president Emmanuel Macron.

Just these five seconds have displayed the gulf in class that Biden holds over Trump and shows how much he has done in such a short time to repair the United States’ credibility around the globe.

The video, which has already been viewed more than four million times as many people thankful that Trump is no longer the US president.

Incidentally, The Recount did later correct their mistake after falsely tweeting that Trump’s incident occurred at a 2017 G7 Summit and not the NATO summit.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what Trump is up to at the moment he’s giving speeches at bizarre MAGA rallies where the live video streams don’t even work properly.

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