Engineering expert perfectly explains why Trump's Mexico border wall would be a disaster

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The US government shutdown over funding for Donald Trump's controversial border wall is now 27 days old and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.

The solution to the debate is either the Democrats fold and give Trump the money that he wants or the shutdown continues leaving hundreds of thousands of federal employees working without pay.

Yet, even if the wall does get approved there is a debate that it wouldn't actually keep any migrants out of the US and if it is even necessary.

Rather than list the numerous problems that already exist with the wall, allow us to introduce to you, Amy Patrick, a qualified and licensed structural and civil engineer and adjunct professor of structural analysis.

Oh and court approved expert on yep, you guessed it, walls. In a now viral Facebook post, she has explained in great detail exactly why Trump's wall will be a disaster both structurally, economically and ecologically.

The post which was shared back on January 9 has received more than 120,000 shares on Facebook and people, both Democrats and Republicans are loving it.

Graham Rucker wrote:

Okay... don’t shoot me... but I’m a Republican and guess what?

Your post brought up many great points about the practicality and long term impact the wall could have. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Chip Aucion added:

Geez, if all 100,000 of us who shared this pitched in a measly $50,000 each, we'd...still not have enough to build the wall because now we know better due to this post.

Erin Lytle cited another study on the detrimental effects of the wall in her comment:

There was a paper out of Stanford recently that said that the existing wall (528 miles) led to a long-term reduction in 0.6% of Mexican residents illegally residing in the US. Trump's planned wall is only 700-ish miles, and covers a lot of land that's already exist there), it would still be a stupidly large waste of money.

Catherine Adcock then made a very thought-provoking comment about the problems that borders created in the first place.

Let’s go back to the time before we deemed illegal immigration a crisis in the 70s and immigrants typically weren’t immigrants at all, just migrant workers, and, in fact, if we hadn’t made border crossing so difficult, we’d likely not have anywhere near as many illegal immigrants — just illegal migrants.

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