Twitter bans all political advertising and Trump's campaign manager is furious

Twitter bans all political advertising and Trump's campaign manager is furious
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey won praise with his announcement that the platform would henceforth cease to run paid political adverts.

The site’s founder explained they had decided to leave it up to users to choose which political messaging they wanted to see, because:

We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.

While this all seems pretty straightforward, Donald Trump's 2020 election campaign manager Brad Parscale felt aggrieved - or to borrow the phrase, triggered - enough to release a statement.

Mr Parscale decried the ban as:

...Yet another attempt by the left to silence Trump and conservatives, since Twitter knows president Trump has the most sophisticated online program ever known.

He's probably right to be annoyed in that Donald Trump's campaign has possibly raised more money than any candidate in history at this point in the race.

But Mr Trump's campaign can rest safe in the knowledge that they can still spend millions of dollars on Facebook adverts, where candidates are unburdened of the need to post adverts that are true.

Mr Dorsey gave a cheeky nod to the controversy enveloping competitor Mark Zuckerberg within his Twitter thread, saying:

Were there any chance of Mr Zuckerberg's company moving in a similar direction to ban political ads, it would likely be a blow to Mr Trump's re-election chances.

Not least in light of the allegations that his 2016 victory rested in part on the campaign's intense targeting of swing voters on social media, using a vast bank of voter profiles compiled using the Facebook data of millions of people.

Mr Dorsey also appeared to highlight the dangers of this in his announcement, when he said:

Facebook has agreed to pay a £500,000 fine to the UK's data protection watchdog over Cambridge Analytica's harvesting of users' data, but has made no admission of liability.

Tech company Cambridge Analytica has both denied and gloated about playing a pivotal role in the 2016 election's outcome.

Meanwhile, people couldn't help but bask in the face of Mr Parscale's displeasure...and highlight that it's not a great look to complain about a measure meant to crack down on unfair campaigning.

Given that Mr Trump's twitter account is still up and running with the same amount of hateful content it has previously spewed, perhaps Mr Parscale should count his lucky stars.

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