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Donald Trump spent most of his meeting with Twitter complaining about how he doesn't have enough followers, according to a source familiar with the conversation.

The meeting with CEO Jack Dorsey - to discuss how to make public conversations “healthier and more civil”- came just hours after Trump once again called The New York Times “the Enemy of the People” and called Democrats “insane”.

The president also used his account to accuse Twitter of limiting his followers and accused the company of playing “political games”.

Instead of talking about anything important – like fake news or how Trump’s tweets could encourage violence against Democrats – sources say they spent much of the meeting talking about the president's account.

Trump allegedly repeated his claim that Twitter has deliberately limited or removed some of his followers.

And Dorsey reportedly tried to reassure the president that he's only lost followers that were spam or bot accounts, which are routinely deleted.

Of course, no one likes it when they lose followers, but it’s a bit ridiculous to call the CEO of Twitter in to complain about it.

That ridiculousness wasn’t lost on Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who basically sub-tweeted the president over the meeting….

Twitter has often received criticism for being both too conservative and too liberal, and the Trump-Dorsey meeting somehow managed to annoy both sides.

As we don’t know what they spoke about, everyone had to try to guess what went on…

And what was Trump holding in that picture? Cybersecurity reporter Eric Geller suggested he could be holding pictures of his own tweets.

We may never know what happened during the meeting but there were definitely better things Trump could have raised than his follower count.

Like how about the fact that we still can’t edit tweets?

Despite having nearly 60 million followers, Trump keeps complaining that he doesn’t get enough attention on Twitter.

Although, he’s probably still annoyed he’s miles away from catching Obama’s 106 million follower count.

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