Elizabeth Warren has taken out a Facebook ad to attack Mark Zuckerberg and it’s genius

Elizabeth Warren is not the first politician to put Mark Zuckerberg on blast for Facebook's role in allowing the spread of misinformation, but she's definitely the most creative.

In order to prove her point, she took out a Facebook ad claiming that the social media giant has endorsed Trump for president in 2020.

The post quickly clarifies that this isn't true, but that the fact that social media campaign ads aren't fact-checked on Facebook (unlike TV ads, for example) sort of amounts to the same thing.

Facebook does ban ads which present untrue statements (such as anti-vaxx propaganda, for example), but makes an exception for politicians arguing their right to promote lies falls within the boundaries of "free speech".

Some people argued that her original "lie" that Facebook is endorsing Trump may not actually be that far off the mark...

But most were just enjoying the glorious meta-ness of her delivery.

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