On the eve of the Republican National Convention, the Trump 2020 campaign finally released a list of their campaign priorities.

While incredibly vague, the points unsurprisingly consist of right-wing rhetoric with highly nationalistic intentions.

Themed "Fighting For You!", the campaign says the policy priorities reflect Trump's "boundless optimism and certainty in America's greatness" (and "stands in stark contrast to the gloomy vision of America projected by Joe Biden and Democrats").

The long bullet-pointed list, released on Sunday, comes after several interviews where the president struggled to provide even the simplest details of what he might do if he won another term.

One section is particularly vague, predictable and Trumpian, entitled ‘Drain the Swamp’ (one of his favourite, generally meaningless phrases) with: “Drain the Globalist Swamp by Taking on International Organizations That Hurt American Citizens” as one of its main points.

The agenda only consists of bullet points, and does not inform voters how any of the goals will be achieved.

It also includes both a trip to Mars and a “permanent manned presence on the Moon”.

Others bullet points have the classic xenophobic touch of the administration, which says it will continue to crack down on on undocumented immigrants and those applying for citizenship who require public support.

Perhaps most jarringly, when it comes to education, Trump promises to "teach American exceptionalism" and that the US’s “unrivalled military strength” will be expanded.

Some users on Twitter called the list “scary” and even “textbook fascism”.

They also reflect Trump's "law and order" campaign messaging in calling for bringing "violent extremist groups like Antifa to justice" - which recalls the White House's recent tear-gassing of peaceful protestors - while doing away with cash bail reforms (the current cash bail system essentially works to keep poor people in jail).

Even so, Trump's campaign proposes to bring a "return to normal" in 2021. Many wonder what this could possibly mean, especially considering the US government's very poor response to, among other things, both the coronavirus pandemic and to the swell of Black Lives Matter protests a few months ago.

“This looks like my New Year's resolutions each year," tweeted Christina Reynolds in reference to Trump's list. "Big vague promises with no real way to execute them and too few details to be successful.”

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