Trump supporter branded ‘sick’ after calling violent Capitol rioters just a ‘bunch of rowdy people’

Trump supporter branded ‘sick’ after calling violent Capitol rioters just a ‘bunch of rowdy people’
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Dinesh D’Souza, an outspoken supporter of former president Donald Trump, recently referred to the MAGA faithfuls involved in the violent Capitol riot as a “bunch of rowdy people walking through a hallway.”

The conservative commentator and documentary maker appeared on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to give his two cents on shocking scenes that happened in Washington DC on 6 January. Unsurprisingly, D’Souza downplayed the events by claiming that there was “no insurrection” and accused publications like The New York Times of constructing a “false narrative.”

His rant also included mockery of the many members of the House who have sought therapy in the aftermath of the event but perhaps the worst part of his rant was how he interpreted the actions of those involved.

He told Laura Ingraham, “I had to kind of chuckle a little bit because hundreds of Congressional members and staff are apparently in therapy over the events of January 6. They’re literally in counselling, even though not a single one of them apparently was harmed, so what you have here is the attempt to gin up, to create a wartime scenario, with media propaganda, that sort of wartime propaganda to go along with it… In reality, this was a bunch of rowdy people walking through hallways.”

Many were appalled by D’Souza’s callous and unsympathetic comments, especially considering five people died during the insurrection.

D’Souza has since attempted to claim that his ‘revisionist’ take was the ‘true account’ and that he was ‘contesting the left’s bogus narrative.’

In the past, D’Souza has often gone out of his way to defend Trump, notably claiming that the former president had correctly pronounced Thailand when he referred to the Asian country as ‘Thighland.’

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