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We don't need to explain to you just how much Donald Trump despises CNN, but it's possible that he may have taken is disdain for the network a little too far this time.

On Monday, during one of his usual Twitter rants, Trump began lamenting CNN again. The usual criticisms were there - like their poor ratings and their negative portrayal of the United States.

However, Trump added a little extra this time. The president claimed that around the world CNN has a 'powerful voice' outside of the US and, to combat this, he suggested the creation of a US 'Worldwide Network'.

This is unlikely to ever happen, but it is a dangerous rhetoric for Trump to project, as the POTUS is basically advocating for not just state-controlled propaganda, but worldwide propaganda all in favour of the United States.

Once Trump shared his thoughts on his Orwellian vision for the future of the media, people began pointing out something very obvious and very worrying.

Others asked what was wrong with pro-Trump networks like Fox News.

This point hasn't proved to be as prevalent online, but the fact that Trump has said that "something has to done" just weeks after 'explosive devices' were sent to the office of CNN is remarkably short-sighted by the president.

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