People think a member of Trump's team might have spread coronavirus at CPAC


With the spread of coronavirus continuing to dominate headlines it would have come as a shock to many that an attendee at the recent CPAC event, which hosted a speech by Donald Trump, tested positive for the illness.

The likes of Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence and numerous members of the Trump administration were at the four day gathering in Washington DC but reportedly didn't come into contact with the infected individual, which didn't seem to bother Trump anyway.

The president was quoted as saying:

I'm not concerned at all.  We'll have tremendous rallies. We're doing very well.

We've done a fantastic job, with respect to that subject, on the virus.

That seems fair enough but one of the many speeches at the event did see Trump's now-former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, gave a talk on how the White House is dealing with the deadly outbreak.

Rather than give some reassurances, Mulvaney proceeded to lambast the media for their coverage of the virus, claiming that it was a ploy to oust Trump from office.

Mulvaney wouldn't have been able to have foreseen that someone at CPAC would have coronavirus but he clearly wasn't practising great hygiene at the event anyway.

In footage from his talk, Mulvaney coughs into his hand, which is not the recommended thing to do (according to the CDC you should cough into a tissue or on your sleeve) then, just moments later, shakes the hand of Stephen Moore, after presumably not washing.

Now, we aren't saying that Mulvaney is the person with the coronavirus at CPAC but this video has given people ideas.

Trump, a notorious germaphobe, might have gotten wind of this as he sacked Mulvaney from his current position at the weekend and replaced him with North Carolina lawmaker Mark Meadows.

Mulvaney is now set to become the US special envoy to Northern Ireland. Let's just hope he practises better hygiene in his new role otherwise he might risk being told off by his boss again.

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