The saying goes 'with great power, comes great responsibility' and in times of need we can always look towards our world leaders for guidance and reassurance that everything will be ok.

In the ideal world that would be true but in 2020 we have Donald Trump as the president and judging by his national emergency press conference on Friday, we have as much faith in him preventing the spread of coronavirus as we have in him being able to open a can of beans.

Take for instance the very start of his press conference, where he mispronounced the name of the virus within the first few seconds of the announcement.


I know a lot of people are on edge right now and nervous but it's not like coronavirus isn't a word that has been rarely spoken in the past few months. It's literally everywhere. You almost can't turn on the television or scroll through without hearing or reading it every two seconds.

That being said, Trump completely fluffing words isn't an uncommon occurrence and according to Jim Acosta of CNN, the POTUS wasn't using a teleprompter at the conference which might go someway to explaining the error.

People's reactions to Trump mispronouncing the name of the disease didn't fill people with hope, especially has he sounded out of breath.

At the time of writing the United States has reported more than 1,600 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 48 deaths. Earlier this week the president announced that all travel from Europe to the US would be be banned barring the UK and Ireland.

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